This Maya city was at its peak in the 9 th century, but during the great Maya collapse the locals deserted it for Yucatán. ). Kathi & Romeo, Your email address will not be published. You then have to leave your car in Chiquilá and pay for parking (100 pesos per 24 hours). To be honest though, the real draw was actually our own curiosity. For you, this does not change the price at all. Here is the two weeks in Mexico itinerary I recommend: Day 1: Arrive Cancún Airport, drive to Chiquilá, ferry to Holbox; Days 2-3: Holbox But the road conditions of these ‘free’ paths are often worse than the tolled roads (“cuota”). Transport from Dijon to Geneva and Geneva airport in Uber. Alors cet itinéraire va vous plaire ! You can search for cheap rental cars via this link here: Sunny Cars. Les petites routes de campagne françaises. Days 1 & 2: Playa del Carmen & Tulum. Wer Yucatán besucht, startet in Cancún. Safe travels, Especially on the outskirts, it’s so important to drive carefully and reduce your speed significantly. LG. Dear readers, as you may have noticed it through my Facebook page and my Instagram, I did another road trip in Mexico and in family, but this time, with my French family who came to Mexico for the first time. After Campeche city, you’ll have a fairly long (roughly six-hour) drive to Chetumal, back in Quintana Roo. The military is primarily there to detect or prevent drug smugglers and other illegal goods. GeorgePeters/Getty Images. Day 1. Heads up: There is a time zone difference of one hour between the states of Quintana Roo and Campeche – so you gain an hour on the way to Bacalar. Either way, both are possible. Cancún Airport is the largest airport on the Yucatán Peninsula. I love the honesty. The cozy colonial town of Campeche had us besotted from the very first moment. Cancun (1-3 days) Some people love Cancun; some hate it (I lean towards the latter). Is there anything you feel we should avoid? Some of them are very small, others are gigantic and quite hazardous. However, there are not many on the Yucatán peninsula – the most famous is that of Cancún or Playa del Carmen to Mérida. From Mérida, there are some great day trips you can do: For example, there are the Mayan ruins of Uxmal, the flamingo colonies in Celestún or a visit to the “yellow city” of Izmal. Here, you can lounge on the white sand beaches, drive (or cycle) to the many nearby cenotes and double back on yourself slightly for a quick day trip to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve or turtle hotspot Akumal. Cozumel Cancun Mexico Mexico City Mexico Vacation Mexico Travel Italy Vacation Stuff To Do Things To Do Viajes. Having the ability to use Google Maps to find the way to your next destination is a tremendous help! Well, no. By Car through the Yucatán: Travel Tips & Facts, 3. For example, we got our Mexican SIM card here in Tulum. The best way is by car. It goes without saying that you should explore each and every market you see and try some of the Yucatán Peninsula’s wonderful cuisine – we especially recommend panuchos and cochinita pibil. 1 semaine en Lorraine à l'automne - Blog voyage et photos Bien Voyager. It was our least favorite place on the Yucatán, but some people like it. Our accommodation: Viva MeridaDetailed blog article: Merida Sights & TipsRecommended stay: 3 nights (which is what we did). If you’ve never heard of Bacalar before, then you’re really in for something special. The sign for parking in Yucatán is an “E” – abbreviated from “Estacionamiento”. Hi Sandy, For that reason, we suggest taking some time to soak up the sun on Playa Delfines, one of the region’s most iconic stretches of sand, as well as exploring the often-underrated center of town. November 2019. Here are ten amazing things to do in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula! The first port of call should really be Celestún, where you can see breathtaking numbers of flamingos and even take a mangrove boat ride. Your email address will not be published. From there you can hire your vehicle. We have discussed the problem and how you can get around this in more detail here: Tulum Travel Guide. The reason: We wanted to give ourselves time to get used to the new country and in a place with good infrastructure. Have you done a road trip through the Yucatán region of Mexico before? Our alternative? There’s also the option to visit the Cobá Ruins and, of course, the Tulum Ruins, before hopping over to Cozumel island if you fancy doing some world-class snorkelling or diving. Safe travels, We decided on the highly praised Isla Holbox in the north of Yucatán. They make your driving experience a bumpy affair and you will normally find these topes (speed bumps) especially before and after villages. On day 5 of your 2-week Mexico itinerary wake up early and head to Palenque Ruins. But I chose to go slow and more fully enjoy the bits I did get to see. 5 alternative tourism routes promote travel by land The Federation of Tourism Associations, the World Wildlife Fund and Airbnb are … The good news: This is not entirely true, because you are surrounded by shimmering blue waters which also happens to be swimmable. Beware of potholes! But overall, we found the direction of the tourism in Tulum rather unsettling. Roadtrips are the perfect intermediary between full-blown package holidays and run-of-the-mill backpacking, offering you the freedom to travel where you want and at your own pace, without shelling out on buses with freezing air con and awkward timetables. A very typical sight on Mexican streets, are the abundance of speed bumps – what they call “topes” here. 1. There’s a lot of that on the streets of Yucatán. Outside the cities, there is relatively little to no traffic on these Mexican roads. One of the highlights was the Grand Plaza. A crossed out “E” means parking is prohibited. We look forward to reading your experiences and tips in the comments below. I would stay in the area for 3 nights and dedicate 1 full day and a half to visit all the sites and the Loltun caves (grutas de Loltun). Découvrez dans ce musée de renommée mondiale qui célèbre la culture maya plus de 1100 artefacts très bien conservés. After you’ve explored in and around the state of Yucatán, head towards the state capital, Mérida. The fascinating shades of blue and turquoise gave the lake its nickname the “Lagoon of Seven Colours”. If that doesn’t sound like you at all, just use Cancun as a place of transit like I did. Lonely Planet Writer. As we were planning our Yucatan road trip, there was a shooting in a Playa del Carmen club, just down the highway from Puerto Morelos, where we would stay. Wir empfehlen folgenden Road-Trip: Nordspanien Jakobsweg - 5-7 Tage, 678 km Start - Roncesvalles; Ziel - Santiago de Compostela Die Fahrt durch Nordspanien kreuzt immer wieder die Fußspuren von tausenden von Pilgern, während die Reise entlang der Höhen- und Nebenstraßen des legendären Camino de Santiago geht. The speed limits are always well written. Before returning home, we wanted to spend some relaxing days on a Mexican island. Although the Ruins of Uxmal was not exactly on our route to Mérida, we found the detour very worthwhile. In San Felipe Road Trip, host Randy Bowser heads back to the Rio Lagartos Nature Reserve at the northern tip of Yucatan, stopping off to have a look at a few cenotes along the way. Ce road-trip dans le Yucatan étant une manière de célébrer les 30 ans de Mickaël nous avons choisi de nous faire plaisir à la fin de ce voyage. Answer 1 of 4: From after Tijuana on to Yucatan Merida Mexico how can I find out info of what Hotels will take a big German Sheppard and what kind of cost can I expect ? Zora und Magnolia sind auf der Flucht, da sie ihrem Vorgesetzten einen größeren Betrag Geld gestohlen haben. If you search the Internet for crimes in Mexico, you would probably feel like cancelling the flight immediately. My partner and I are traveling soon to the same area but only for 2 week. Topes are – according to the local people – something like the sleeping policemen on the streets of Mexico. Parts of the road along this route are not in very good condition… so get ready for some potholes! This video is unavailable. To be honest, we did not have the best start to our time in Holbox, mainly due to a bad weather front, which turned the supposed paradise into various shades of grey. Der Roadtrip von Bergen bis Kristiansund ist spektakulär! Yucatan has extensive well-built highways, as well as rural, state and federal roads that are safe for tourists. Right on the border with Belize, you could even ditch the car for a few days and explore the only first language English country in Latin America, although if you’d prefer to stick to Mexico, then you can just explore the cafés, bars and museums of this small city for a few days before moving on to Bacalar. Super excited! Outside of major tourist destinations such as Playa del Carmen and Tulum, there is often little English spoken on the Yucatán Peninsula. These cards can be bought at the store of one of the providers, which can be found everywhere. The current price for gas is 16.50 pesos per liter (about $2.50 … Getting from Valladolid to Isla Holbox: First you have to drive by car to Chiquilá (about 2 hours). Mein persönlicher Tipp: Isla Holbox. At first glance, car rental deals in Mexico often appear extremely cheap. Tulum was the most expensive stop on our entire tour. That helped us a lot in many situations. And how safe is it to travel by rental car through the Yucatán region in Mexico? One Litre of Petrol currently costs 20 pesos, which is about 90 cents. To go on a Yucatán trip without seeing the World Wonder of Chichén Itzá – is practically unthinkable. Itineraries in Mexico. Therefore, for those who come from Europe and other non-commonwealth countries, you don’t have to change anything. You can often avoid the tolled roads but you do so at the expense of time. Every adventure starts as soon as leaving home and this goes true for this Yucatan travel itinerary too. After you’ve spent some time in Cancún, you’ll want to head north up the coast with possible stop offs at the Yum Balam Nature Reserve, which is home to jungle cats and whale sharks among other things, before popping over to the growing-in-popularity Isla Holbox. The roadtrip is enjoying something of a moment among travelers in Mexico right now, so here’s our guide to the points of interest, must visit spots and rough route to follow along Mexico’s south coast and Yucatán peninsula. The glistening beaches of Playa Del Carmen and Cancun; Bohemian alleyways of Tulum; Flamingoes and coloured lagoons at Rio Lagartos National Park; The bustling town of Merida with pastel-coloured houses and vintage cars; The gorgeous Colonial town of Izamal, lined with chrome-yellow houses. But sometimes there is a charge (for example in Uxmal and Coba), but there, the parking is also monitored with security cameras for safety reasons. Voici quelques postes de dépenses plus détaillés. It is also possible to drive completely without a GPS, as long as you have at least one road map. The fact that Tulum is so popular is also reflected in the price level. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a4a2959e7a64eb7e1bb0386985690066" );document.getElementById("dea357975a").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); I consent to this website collecting my details through this form. We deliberately chose a more touristy place as the first stop on our road trip. For three weeks, we made way around the Yucatán Peninsula with our rental car. Was, was für eine tolle Route! Incidentally, you only pass by a few towns/villages, as the region is very sparsely populated. No – at least not to pick up the rental car. ... Yucatan Peninsula Suggested Itineraries in Yucatan Peninsula These itineraries assume you're flying in and out of Cancún, by far the most common port of entry for the Yucatán. Don’t worry, if your flight arrives in the afternoon: We drove in the dark ourselves and did not reach Tulum until around 8pm. Jul 16, 2020 - Are you considering an awesome Mexico Road Trip of the Yucatan Peninsula from Cancun? But Yucatán is polished Mexico, where tourists are welcome and the roads are smooth. We really adhere to this – why? Ik-Kil Cenote . Beautiful Bacalar. Answer 1 of 9: We're thinking of doing a road trip in/on Yucatan, good or bad idea for our first time in Mexico? Our conclusion: Playa del Carmen is definitely not our favourite place on the Yucatán and in our opinion can easily be skipped. Hi, we are Kathi and Romeo. Our accommodation: La Flor Casa BoutiqueDetailed blog article: Valladolid TipsRecommended stay: 2-3 nights (depending on how many trips you want to do – for us, we stayed 3 nights). In Tulum Beach (along the Beach Road), it is becoming increasingly difficult to find free parking. Watch Queue Queue Deinen Tourbericht werde ich bestimmt noch einige Mal „zu Rate“ ziehen. We begin our journey in the mangrove, where we cross several small birds and a crocodile. Valladolid comes quite close to the idea of ​​a typical Mexican town. Luckily, we were not stopped once. Getting from Mérida to Chichén Itzá: Chichén Itzá can be reached in about 1.5 hours by car from Mérida. But, driving in Yucatan is easy and the road from Palenque to Yaxchilán is good and fast. We read some horror stories about some corrupt police just before our trip. La route 1, appelée aussi route circulaire, est la seule route qui vous permettra de faire le tour de l'Islande. An underrated destination, it’s a beautiful, relaxing spot full of tranquil, pastel-painted streets that will take your breath away. Kathi & Romeo. Yucatan Peninsula Road Trip Map. The different steps: 2 week road trip in Yucatan. Road Trip to the Yucatan - Day 1 The Grand Plaza My list of potential things to see in Merida was pretty long. Nevertheless, we almost never rent out the smallest models because in the case of an accident, we personally prefer to have too much rather than too little in terms of crumple zone. Sunny Cars acts as a middle-man. My perfect two-week itinerary for an epic road trip through Mexico’s beautiful Yucatan: Day 1 - Cancun arrival: Fly into Cancun, the Yucatan’s main airport. Those we speed over a tope, will certainly not make the same mistake again so soon. 8 jours 1600 km Voiture 6 étapes / Vous voulez aller à l’essentiel et vous n’avez qu’une semaine de vacances devant vous ? But do not expect an untouched paradise, as the island’s capital is rather touristic. Besetzung: Hanna Secret, Luna Richter, Gabi Gold, Cat Coxx, Diether von Stein und Ecki Hard. Bus lines offer inexpensive first-class air-conditioned bus trips. But just in case, we had our International Driver’s License issued in Austria and brought it with us, but no one ever requested for it. While there’s a tendency to write-off Cancún as an over commercialized resort destination, it can’t be denied that there are plenty of beautiful beaches in the area. Should you be stopped anyway, then it’s worth having Google Translate on hand, unless you speak Spanish. They are numerous, and found at the beginning, end, and middle of most villages. Most common is that you will start with your 2 weeks self-drive Yucatan travel itinerary with landing in Cancun. Both ruins are among the most impressive we visited on our road trip through the Yucatán. ;) Once you’ve got your Instagram-friendly fill of this northernmost part of the Yucatán Peninsula then you need to head slightly further inland, down to the small pueblo mágico of Valladolid. Nous avons aussi fait un détour par … A million thanks from the both of us! Suggested time – 1 day. While we parked in Campeche on the street without any problems – in Mérida, we were advised to park in a supervised, paid car park for safety reasons. However, only in very rare cases, are tourists involved in these. 13 juin 2018 - Nous te disons que voir et que faire durant 1 semaine au Mexique à travers notre itinéraire avec tous nos conseils. Usually the staff will come and help you fill up, so you simply tell them how much you want to fuel up for and they do it for you.